Council of All Beings | Sunday, September 22  2-5 pm

The First United Youth Group would like to extend an invitation to youth 11 & up to attend a Council of All Beings.
The Council of All Beings is a creative ecological activity, developed by Joanna Macy and John Seed, which, through theatre games,
nature connection exercises, mask-making and giving voice to those without voices,
helps us experience the beauty and power of our interconnectedness with all of life.

Stacie Noble-Wiebe will guide us through this experience which will begin outdoors and end at the church.

Please contact Youth Coordinator
Staci Schaitel at 306-778-3333 if you would like to attend



Global Climate Strike

Friday, September 27th is a day for youth around the world to join together in sacrificing a day of studies
to call on the attention of leaders to act urgently for climate justice.
This day is marked for adults to come alongside youth to support them in their call for action and change.

If the Youth are interested, Stacie Noble-Wiebe and I would like to lend our support
by offering to accompany them to Regina for the peaceful school strikes planned there.

Please join us as we continue to educate and mobilize ourselves as individuals
as well as our leaders in helping create positive change for a sustainable and healthy future for all.



The Earth is a sacred trust.
We recognize God’s call…to draw on the Earth’s sustenance responsibly,
and to care for it that all may benefit equitably now
and in the future.

—from One Earth Community (1992)