Our former United Church moderator, Gary Paterson, wrote:

“The core purpose of the church is to enable transformative encounters with God – Creator, Christ, Spirit, so that people’s lives are changed and they discover their ministry (calling, vocation) in and for the world.”

–from “Seeking Our Core Purpose” at

At First United Church, Spiritual Growth and Nurture is an integral part of our mission, our reason for being. We work to provide a variety of opportunities for persons of all ages and stages to explore and grow in their relationship with our Creator, the Ground of our Being.

On Sunday mornings we invite you to join us for WorshipSunday School, and Youth Group.  Sunday morning worship and study is an important part of the life of our church, but we also provide many other opportunities for connecting with each other and with the Spirit.


Bring your coffee and join us for a weekly exploration of the scripture passages for the upcoming Sunday. We meet every Wednesday at 9:30 a.m. at the church to re-connect and gain new insights into the stories, prayers, letters, sermons and lists that are contained in the Bible. Everyone is welcome. Come when you can. Bring your own Bible if you wish, we love to compare different translations and interpretations.


Book studies are regularly offered, please visit the Events page for current times and dates.

Facilitators are Linda Stumpf and Colleen MacBean


Confirmation can be considered a time to explore your own relationship to your faith, your own ideas about God, Jesus, the Bible, prayer, the church… It’s a time to question, to wonder, to discover and to doubt. We explore through discussion, reading, movies, playing & art.

In confirmation we look at different ways that different people practice their faith- different practices and different religions. We hear others’ stories about their faith journeys, what they wonder about, how they use faith in everyday life.

Confirmation means different things to different people. Some come to confirmation because their parents asked them to, for others, confirmation is an important ritual and step on the faith journey, and others still come simply out of curiousity. Some are clear on their beliefs and belonging to the church, some have serious reservations, and some haven’t given it much thought. Others want to “join” the church but are not sure they agree with all the things the church believes and some have no interest at all in membership with the church. There is room for it all. (this paragraph adapted from LEAP OF FAITH, Alfano, Bowles, Garland)

Confirmation in the United Church typically happens for youth thirteen years of age up and happens over a series of weeks. If you are interested in confirmation, for yourself, or a child, please contact minister Annette Taylor.


Come and nurture your soul as you explore your creativity:

“Creativity is God’s gift to us.
Using our creativity is our gift back to God.
When we open ourselves to exploring our creativity,
we open ourselves to God.”

– Julia Cameron, The Artist’s Way

A variety of materials- paints, pens, collage paper, yarn, sparkles, stamps, scissors, markers, glue, along with ideas to get you started await you every Wednesday from 2-5 at the Creation Station. Come and explore your creativity in a nurturing space. No artistic experience necessary. There is no cost for participating, and we gratefully accept donations.

Please Contact facilitator Linda Stumpf at 306-629-3948 for more information.

Please see the Events page for current offerings.


We regularly offer opportunities for new members to explore their faith and talk about what it means to have a deep connection with First United Church. Membership classes are open to anyone who

  • is already a member,
  • is considering being a member or
  • is just interested in exploring their faith with other seekers.

Please see the Events page for current offerings. If you are interested in taking part please contact the church office. For further information please contact our minister, Annette Taylor.


We all have the natural ability to pay attention. We need attention to drive a car, to work, to raise our children. But often we find we are not fully present to our lived experiences. Our minds wander off into thoughts of yesterday, what we have yet to do, or into fantasies. We have all had the experience of having acted on “auto-pilot”, finding our attention has been elsewhere. Sometimes the experience is fairly harmless, and sometimes it’s not.

Come and learn the basic techniques of learning to pay enhanced attention. We will explore different tools for your meditation toolbox: attention to breath, attention to thoughts, attention to the body, attention to the emotions and attention to our walk through daily life. As Mindfulness is an experiential practice, emphasis is put on the actual practice of meditation itself.

Practicing mindfulness is one way to gain a richer sense of being fully alive, and of gaining greater clarity, wisdom, freedom and joy in the process.

We offer both an ongoing drop-in meditation as well as an Introductory Series, please see the Events page for current days and times.

Please contact facilitator Staci Schaitel for more information.

Donations to the First United Church Mission & Service Fund are welcomed.